Conair Cuisinart ICE-21 Review: Best Affordable Ice Cream Maker

Conair Cuisinart ICE-21


The Conair Cuisinart ICE-21 is an upgrade from another of Cuisinart greatest; the Cuisinart ICE-20. This improved model includes a unique mixing paddle which drastically increases the rate of cream cream production. It does do by incorporating the ingredients into the mixture far more quickly and consistently thus improving the production rate. If you are a big fan of homemade ice-cream or simply want to ensure that the desserts your children eat is made from quality produce, then the Cuisinart ice-21 should be among-st your top picks. Producing high quality ice-cream in less than 20 minutes, this little appliance is guaranteed to gain the approval of your friends and family. It’s an amazong and an affordable ice cream maker. As a top seller in ice-cream machines, the Cuisinart ice-21 is considered to be the affordable ice cream maker out in the market.

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Features of the Cuisinart Ice-21 Ice Cream Maker

Ingredient Spout

The ingredient spout is an essential part of this machine. Use it to pour in the recipe mixture necessary to create your delicious icecream. Or it can be used to add mix-ins such as M&Ms, sprinkles or chocolate chips to create a chocolate flavor or diced fruits and berries to create a fruity sensation. One final trick to add in syrups of chocolate, strawberries or the like to create a perfect blend throughout the icecream mixture. And the amazing fact about the ingredient spout is that it does not interrupt the creation of the ice-cream. The ingredients can be added in during the procedure.

Special ICE 21 Mixing Paddle

The ice-21 features an upgraded mixing paddle from the ice-20. This unique mixing paddle is designed to incorporate the ingredients with more consistency and speed. Due to the newly designed paddle the ingredients mix faster and more evenly through producing ice-cream at a faster rate. This amazing swiftness to the Ice-20 means that more than 1 batch of icecream can be created without having to refrigerate the freezing bowl. However extra caution must betaken so that the ice-cream does not churn too long and fall over the side of the machine. Make many batches with this great affordable ice cream maker for years to come.

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Cuisinart ICE-21 Special Freezer Bowl

ice_cream_PNG5101With a double insulated wall for fast freezing, the ice-21 is designed specifically to produce high quality ice-cream at a fast rate. The double insulation helps to keep the temperature of the bowl low and even thus producing quality ice-cream. The cooler the bowl, the better the quality of the ice-cream and thus the affordable ice cream maker is made when the device is refrigerated for over 24 hours. However, it can be used with lower times but the ice-cream formed will be a bit denser.

Unique Cuisinart ICE-21 Heavy duty motor

A heavy-duty motor is used so that so that the desserts formed will have a consistent blend through-out. The powerful motor is responsible for the blending of the mixture and the incorporation of the flavors throughout the machine. The high power also allows the ice-cream to form quickly enabling thus allowing a second batch to be made without having to refreeze the bowl. The Cuisinart Ice 21 despite being an affordable ice cream maker has a great motor. It does all the heavy lifting for you. An affordable ice cream maker that has a commercial level heavy duty motor.

Easy Preparation and Cleaning

The ICE-21 allows you to make quality ice-cream at home without creating the mess. It is easy to get the ingredients into the ice-cream maker without spilling over the counter due to the large ingredient spout. The transparent lid enables you to keep an eye on your ice-cream making sure that it does not over-churn and spill. The rubber feet makes sure that there is enough friction and the appliance does not fall over spilling its contents. The ICE-21 itself is easy to open up and hand wash.

Affordable Ice Cream maker

All in all, the ICE 21 is a great affordable ice cream maker to start out with, but it certainly is one of the affordable ice cream maker for it’s simplicity and is a great starter if you’re looking for a low investment machine. It’s low cost truly does make it one of the best affordable ice cream maker


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