Cuisinart ICE-30BC – Best Convenient Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-30BC – Best Convenient Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Ice 30BC


Indulge yourself with the freshest sorbet, frozen yogurt or ice cream from Cuisinart pure indulgence convenient ice cream maker. This beautiful stainless steel appliance with its double insulated freezer bowl can make upto 2 quarts of dessert at a time. You can make not only ice cream, but sorbets, slushes, and other frozen desserts. And whats more? Its fully automatic, which means that making your favorite frozen dessert takes minimal effort. Simply mix in the ingredients, turn on this beauty and you will have your favorite dessert within your hands in minutes. With its heavy duty motor, it ensures a smooth creamy consistency which, along with a ingredient spout also enables the easy adding of your most desired mix-ins. The Cuisinart ICE-30BC is sure to be a hit with your kids!

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Cuisinart ICE-30BC Features

Ingredient Spout

This convenient ice cream maker has it all! One of the most vital piece of equipment in this appliance is the ingredient spout. Use it to pour in the recipe mixture to create the perfect flavor as well as to add in your favorite mix in such as M&M, sprinkles, chocolate chips and more. Even diced fruits or berries can be added in throughout the mixture  without interrupting the freezing cycle. All of these allows you to create the perfect ice cream for your friends and family.

Mixing Arm

The mixing arm is the perfect tool to make your ice cream come out smooth and creamy. The aeration of the ice cream allows for a smooth and tasty dessert that everyone will love. The mixing arm is designed to allow for optimal air flow to create the ultimate mixture of taste,texture and appearance. The convenient ice cream maker is indeed one of the best in terms of mixing the ice cream.

ICE30BC’s Special Motor

A heavy duty motor is included in this convenient ice cream maker to enable a through mixing of flavors. A smooth consistency of ice cream is created and addons such as M&Ms, sprinkles, diced berries or even syrups can be well incorporated into the ice cream.

Freezer Bowl

No more crushed ice and rock salt! This appliance uses a double walled freezer bowl with a cooling liquid for fast freezing. The device needs to be kept in a refrigerator for around 24 hours but it can done for less than that, the best results are obtained after 24 hours due to a very cold freezer bowl. The cooler your bowl the better the quality of your ice cream. If your ice cream does not form properly, leave the ice cream in the bowl inside a refrigerator for half an hour. This will allow the mixture to quickly cool down forming a tasty but denser icecream.

Compact design

Although it is able to make 2 quarts of icecream, its measurements are only at 8-1/4 by 8 by 11-1/4 inches. Extra effort was taken into the design to save on size and weight.

Weighting at only 12 pounds, this appliance is small enough to move around with ease and when it is not being used, it can be stored easily. For storage, a cord storage slot in alloted into the device. This handy addition means that the cord does not become a hassle in the kitchen when the the decide is not being used.

Easy Cleanup

There are 4 main parts to this frozen dessert maker: the machine base, the drum, the mixer, and the top. The base does not need to be washed while the mixer and the top can be cleaned with a dish washer. This leaves the drum which will have to be washed by hand. However it is easy enough to do so, just ensure that paper does not get in touch with the drum while it is wet as it will stick.

Convenient Ice Cream Maker

The Cuisinart Ice 30BC is one of the most Convenient Ice Cream Maker as it enables you to make ice cream, sorbet, gelato and so much more frozen desserts. The ICE 30BC is indeed one of the best convenient ice cream maker in terms of price. The efficiency and quality provided is simply unparalleled.

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