How to Choose the Best Ice Cream Maker

Four tips you should know about how to choose the best Ice cream maker

How to Choose the Best Ice Cream Maker

How to Choose the Best Ice Cream Maker

I have a secret to confess – my 2 kids aren’t the only reason why I buy ice cream makers. In fact, I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE ICE CREAM! Ice cream cheers me up when I’m going through a tough day. Having tried out so many different models and brands, I realized that each ice cream machine have their plus points. That’s why I also choose to recommend some of the best ice cream maker right here in my blog. You won’t regret getting your own ice cream maker!

Here are 4 personal tips you should know about how to choose the best Ice cream maker before you shop for an ice cream machine:

TIP 1: Determine a Budget You’re Comfortable With

Like all household appliances, the best tools aren’t necessarily the costliest. What you need is information on the pros and cons of each ice cream maker, which is what I’m doing here in my blog. To choose the best ice cream maker, start by creating a budget. I’d say that budget ice cream makers range from $20 to $100 while expensive ones can cost anywhere from $500-$700. Really expensive ones can cost $5000 and above. In my opinion, anything less than $2000 is a good bet.

Tip 2: Quality Ice Cream = Good Ingredients + Good Machine

The type of machine you choose affects the time needed to make the ice cream, how smooth it turns out, and how well it holds the ice cream. Also, some machines can be so noisy you’d feel uneasy working in the kitchen with the machine turned on. If that’s the case, consider getting a new machine. Besides a great quality machine, you got to have fresh and choice ingredients. Top quality eggs and milk, coupled with fresh fruits; makes a delightful ice cream.

TIP 3: Choose a Versatile Machine

Besides making ice cream, I almost always try to choose a machine that can also make frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and custard. That way I can vary the type of desert I want to make. With so many great recipes online and in cookbooks, the options are endless!

TIP 4: Self Cooling Ice Cream Maker is a Better Choice

Whether you prefer the traditional bucket version, electric gel canister, or self-cooling ice cream maker, you should know that the difference between the three types of machine lies in the quantity and quality of ice cream produced. Self cooling machines are convenient and easy to use but they can also cost a lot more. Electric gel canister is good for the occasional treat while bucket version is labor intensive. Therefore, if you have the cash to spare, I’d advise you to go for the self cooling unit.

Other factors to consider include ease of use and ease of clean up. If you’d like to know more about ice cream makers, check out Why You Should Own an Ice Cream Maker. Also, do share these tips with your family and friends!

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